What is Surf Life Saving?

Surf Life Saving is an international movement in which children, youths and adults are trained in sea safety and life saving rescue techniques with a view to being able to enjoy sea based activities in a safe and controlled environment. By educating them in understanding the sea such as knowing the tides; looking out for rip currents, sea breezes and wave types whilst building confidence in the water in a variety of sea conditions, it is hoped that they will enjoy all the benefits of the sea while still holding a well-informed respect for it. There are over 60 clubs around the UK and hundreds more overseas.

It sounds a bit serious – is it fun?

Well, the sea is serious, but yes – it is fun! Members are split into groups based on their age and the sessions will include fun beach games, then fun water activities. The learning takes place as part of the fun and before you know it, you can identify an onshore breeze, a spilling wave and a rip current. You could even then learn to rescue an unconscious casualty. It is a great way to make friends and to keep fit in a caring and friendly environment. When you are feeling confident (and only if you want to) you could compete in local, regional, national, or even international competitions. Next stop – New Zealand!!


Children can progress entirely at their own pace as they gain skills and confidence.  We run the SLSGB Nipper Pathway Awards - which you will earn and gain awards and badges.  As you progress to Youth age you may also start doing Water Cover qualifications and start to help with sessions!  Many will move on to Lifeguard qualifications - great skills and perhaps even a job.

Events & Competitions

There are regional, national and international competitions and all of these are available to you if you wish to enter. The standard is high and many who achieve these standards go on to become professional lifeguards. However, if that’s not for you, why not go along to a fun day where it is an opportunity to get all the clubs together and just have a bit of fun in a relaxed atmosphere?

Surf Lifesaving GB

SLSGB are the governing body for the UK.

They provide a central team of trainers and assessors who offer courses to the 60 plus surf life saving clubs around the country. This ensures a consistent standard throughout and ensures that each club is operating within their guidance. For full details, check their website, www.slsgb.org.uk

Cornwall Region

Surf Life Saving Cornwall serves as a vital region within Surf Life Saving GB, the leading national governing body for beach lifeguarding and life-saving sport in Britain. With a primary focus on safeguarding beachgoers and promoting water safety, Surf Life Saving Cornwall plays a crucial role in coordinating and supporting the efforts of its 22 member clubs throughout the region. As part of its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of beach users, the organisation provides funding support and equipment to its affiliated clubs, enabling them to carry out their lifesaving activities effectively. By fostering collaboration and solidarity among its member clubs, Surf Life Saving Cornwall works tirelessly to uphold the highest standards of beach safety and emergency response, ultimately contributing to the protection and enjoyment of Cornwall's coastal communities.
As part of this Cornwall region run Competitions and Fun days for affiliated clubs which we are proud to be part of.  Cornwall region also organise many courses to ensure our adult volunteers have the relevant qualifications to run activities safely.